Terms; Booking your Wedding/Event: To book your wedding/event we require a $250.00 deposit. This deposit goes toward your final invoice but is non-refundable should you cancel for any reason at any time.Required Payment Schedule; 8 weeks prior to Wedding/Event Date: 50% of Proposal Amount DUE. A $50.00 late payment may be applied upon failure to meet requirement and may result in the re-booking of your Wedding/Event date. Final Amount Due: 2 weeks prior to Wedding/Event Date: The Total Remaining balance less paid  ($250.00)  booking fee plus local/state tax is DUE.

Subtractions of any Forals; 20 days prior to Wedding/Event Date: No subtractions will be allowed. Final table counts must be submitted at this time as all orders will be placed. Trablume reserves the right to make minor changes to floral selections to ensure the highest quality and beauty on the reserved Wedding/Event Date.

Cancellations; 8 weeks prior to Wedding/Event Date: Cancellations must be made by written and signed letter 8 weeks prior to Wedding/Event Date to receive credit to goods/services paid less non-refundable deposit ($250.00). Payments made less non-refundable deposit will receive total value credit to Trablume LLC  to enjoy no more than 12 months from Wedding/Event Date made upon this agreement.

At Trablume we understand Weddings can be hectic and event coordination may change. 20 days prior to Wedding date your Trablume designer will contact you to confirm time schedules and event and service details. 

Payments Accepted; Check Only. Made payable to: Trablume LLC

Trablume LLC reserves the right to waive time requirements based on booking dates and restrictions that may apply.  Trablume LLC  We are committed to providing the best blumes at a fair price.

Trablume LLC

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Wedding/Event Policies