Holiday Gifts- Trablume Online Ordering

So what's super special about Trablume going Live? Nothing, if you don't take advantage of our Seasonal Gifts of fresh floral or crisp fruit and decadent cheese baskets. 

We can now offer holiday designs of fresh floral but also fresh fruit boxes!  I mean, this is Awesome!

How do we do it? We take careful precaution to ensure fresh beautiful gifts are delivered to your loved ones intact and on time.                                                                                                            First, we hand wrap each arrangement & fruit box in cellophane and secure with natural raffia. We then size the arrangement to a snug fitted box. Lastly, we insulate and pad to restrict movement and manage temperature. Please visit our link Seasonal Gifts for ordering. 

We'll ask you the pertinent questions about your greeting card, delivery times, who you want to make feel really, really special...all that good stuff. Easy as pie!